Vyšehrad 26th. - 28th of May. 2017

Lobkowicz Beer Expert Academy

Final round of the Lobkowicz Beer Expert Academy.

At this year's Prague Food Festival the final round of the motivational and educational programme of the Lobkowicz Breweries with the title Beer Expert Academy aimed at the quality of draught beer will take place. Participants who got through regional rounds all the way to the national final will demonstrate their draught beer pouring abilities in front of a professional panel of judges. The best three in the Czech final will gain beer for personal consumption for a half-year for the third place, beer for one year for the second place and a voucher for a vacation worth 50,000 CZK for the absolute winner. The national final will take place in the large Lobkowicz Breweries tent.

· Sobota od 15,00. Program včetně předávání cen bude trvat cca 60 minut.

Dále ve velkém stanu Lobkowicz:
· Komentované ochutnávky se školou čepování každý den v 15,00 (mimo sobotu) a 18,00.
· Komentovaná ochutnávka 4 vzorků trvání cca 45 min
· Škola čepování cca 30 min


Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Benjamin Franklin