Vyšehrad 26. - 28. května 2017


Perrier is a natural mineral water as defined by French law; only mineral water of natural origin has a stable composition and attributes beneficial to human health recognized by the Ministry of Health and the Medical Academy.

Perrier mineral water contains only mineral salts and natural gas. It contains no sugar, no caffeine and no calories, and very little sodium. Flavoured Perrier* is a drink made from Perrier natural mineral water with added natural extracts.

Thanks to the unique bubble effect Perrier mineral water quenches thirst very agreeably and is at the same time beneficial to the human organism. To ensure quality and stability of bubbles when bottling the water the spring is carbonated with its own natural gases drawn from a great depth compared with the surface of the mineral water.

Apetit je hlad v luxusním vydání.
Anita Danielová