Vyšehrad 26. - 28. května 2017

70 years of Kenwood

This year Kenwood is celebrating already 70 years of the company's existence. During these years this British manufacturer has launched a great number of kitchen appliances which became an integral part of kitchens all around the world. This notable anniversary deserves a proper party and that is why Kenwood will be celebrating together with all lovers of good food at the Prague Food Festival. During the whole event you will be able to see and taste a number of international dishes at the Kenwood stand which unite tradition and a modern approach to gastronomy. The main role will be held not only by Kenwood kitchen appliances but also by chefs from various countries from around the globe who will be happy to share their recipes with the visitors of the festival. Come and share your favourite recipe with us!

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Mapa festivalu

Kdo umí víno pít – umí milovat.
George Sandová